May 17, 2016
Following three photos from the show on January 15, 2016 in Le Poisson Rouge in Manhattan. Below: Trevor Dunn, Nels Cline, Zeena Parkins (who tore the house down that night in a section of the piece as a trio with Jon Raskin and Gerald Cleaver) and Charles Burnham, Jason Kao Hwang on violins. All photos by Marek Lazarski.

You can see from my smile what I thought of the Nate Wooley section. Absolutely killing. Nels was standing right next to him trying to find a way to keep up. Now THAT is saying something folks, because Nels“ section earlier was spectacular. Hard to see, but there“s a mic in the bell of the trumpet and that mic connects to an amp onstage with another mic sitting on the amp. A great trumpet player has become a master of feedback loops as well.

Rova, WooleyDunn, Cline, Parkins and Burnham testify together in one of the choruses and group improvisations. Also playing but not visible: Ikue Mori, Gerald Cleaver, Jason Kao Hwang, and sound engineer Marc Urseli.

One more below:

Rova, Wooley, Cleaver (hidden behind cymbal), Cline, Burnham, Hwang, Parkins testifying together on first reading of the theme. All photos by Marek Lazarski.