Ochs - Robinson Duo: A CIVIL RIGHT releases on ESP-Disk

Jul 16, 2021 by Ochs

Five sax - drum duos for your listening pleasure -- honed over many years from multiple free + structured improvisations, as well as time taken for composing, rehearsing and conversations. The new CD has been released on ESP-Disk' - the legendary free jazz label where Albert Ayler… Read more

New Ochs CDs releasing between November 2018 and March 2019

Feb 08, 2019 by Ochs

Watch for these 4 new recordings releasing between 11-2018 and 3-2019: Ochs with Gerald Cleaver: Songs of the Wild Cave // Ochs with Cleaver and Nels Cline: What Is To Be Done // Jones Jones: A Jones in Time Saves Nine // The Fictive Five: CD#2: Anything Is Possible Read more

Mining Songs From The Wild Cave

Oct 20, 2018

In spring 2014, I received an email from Alban Jacques in Toulouse, France. He had recently explored a “privately owned cave” near Toulouse at the invitation of the owner, a cave that held some 150 prehistoric man-made cave paintings. Would I be interested to record... Read more

Ochs interviewed in Jazz Inside Magazine

Oct 15, 2017 by Ken Weiss

I want music to transport people someplace. I want it to be an out of body experience, and I think there’s less of an emphasis on that goal, the out of body part of music, these days. When you listen to a Charles Ives symphony, it isn’t necessary to be able to read the music on paper… Read more

Jones Jones touring in Europe November 2017

Jul 19, 2017

Jones Jones – featuring the great Mark Dresser on bass, master percussionist Vladimir Tarasov and Larry Ochs will play 6 concerts in Europe in November Read more

Summer 2017 CD releases from Clean Feed and Rogue Art

Jun 20, 2017

Wild Red Yellow by Larry Ochs Sax & Drumming Core out in July from Rogue Art. Saxophone Special Revisited, featuring Rova, Henry Kaiser and Kyle Bruckmann, out in late May from Clean feed. Details: Read more

Rova's ELECTRIC ASCENSION in pictures @ Le Poisson Rouge

May 17, 2016

Rova Sax Quartet performs in NY Read more

Spectral's NEW digital-only CD available from Aerophonic

Apr 19, 2016

Recorded Live in Buffalo in May, 2015 during a brilliant tour. More details below... Read more

Rova Channeling Coltrane - Special Deluxe DVD/Bluray/CD package getting great reviews

Feb 08, 2016

Rova Channeling Coltrane - a special DVD/Bluray/CD package produced by jazz label Rogue Art — released January 15, 2016 in the USA and worldwide. It includes the Kickstarter-funded five-camera shoot of Electric Ascension; that concert-filming made at 2012 Guelph Jazz Festival in Canada.… Read more

The Fictive Five – Early reviews of the Ochs' release on Tzadik

Oct 15, 2015

The Fictive Five recorded four Ochs’ compositions at Eastside Sound in New York this past December 2014. Details on this recording, including extensive notes not available on the actual CD, can be perused here under the Discography. The CD artwork is by Lyn Hejinian! Available at… Read more

NO FAVORITES!! - Rova's Homage to Butch Morris releases on New World Records in October 2016

Jul 05, 2015

Rova and the 2015 version of OrkestRova recorded a CD’s worth of music at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley on July 1, 2015, two days after a fantastic concert in San Francisco. Orkestrova 2015 – a power trio, string quartet and Rova, all playing together – recorded three long pieces, dedicating… Read more

Recent Releases

Larry Ochs – Don Robinson Duo : A Civil Right

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Larry Ochs - Aram Shelton Quartet (aka Continental Drift) : CONTINENTAL DRIFT

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Jones Jones : A Jones In Time Saves Nine

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The Fictive Five : The Fictive Five: Anything is Possible

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Nels Cline – Gerald Cleaver – Larry Ochs : What is to be done

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